Queens Table Talk

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“Queens Table Talk” is a dynamic, thought-provoking show that is dedicated to empowering millennial black women to be the best version of themselves by embracing the Queen that lives inside of us all. We provide a platform to give a voice to the feelings that we have internalized without fear of judgement and ridicule. We strive to increase the visibility of the millennial generation in settings of open forum discussions. We promote positive, candid interactions between black women to cultivate a sense of sisterhood. We are committed to building and protecting our own self-worth while celebrating the beauty, essence and accomplishments of our peers. We encourage every Queen to embrace the essence of who they are unequivocally and unapologetically.

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Monique (“Mo”) is the founder of QTT. With her outspoken personality, animated charm, and keen business sense, Mo is never at a loss for words. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Communication, she decided to use her own trials and triumphs to create a platform for black women, especially millennials, to openly discuss issues that are often swept under the rug. Sometimes feeling misunderstood herself, Mo was simply tired of trying to fight for a seat at everyone else’s table. She is an “open book” never afraid to share her narrative about her journey in discovering her own crown that she now wears proudly. Mo continuously strives to push women to embrace the essence of who they are unequivocally and unapologetically. As a self-proclaimed “advocate for black women”, Mo is passionate about promoting feelings of self-worth, bringing awareness to social injustice, and protecting the voices of those that society tries to silence. Simply put, she is a Queen in her own right.

A’Liyah (Lovely Liyah) has a seat in Queens Table Talk. She is the fashionista and curly connoisseur of the group. Lovely Liyah earned a Bachelor’s degree in Apparel Merchandising and Management with a Minor in Marketing. Her keen eye for international fashion trends always keeps her stylish. She has studied abroad in the U.K. and toured Europe giving her a broad perspective of fashion. Lovely Liyah has a passion for not only outer beauty but inner as well. Her primary goal is to build confidence through encouraging women of all ages to practice self-love. Lovely Liyah’s excitement for everything pertaining to naturalistas can be shown through the way she inspires women to rock their own hair. She is truly a Queen crowned in her curls.

This is Jasmine Gates (Jasmine Renae) a community enrichment enthusiast, who is an educator and most of all a servant to those that are underserved. The servitude she gives can be seen through her self made organization entitled “Initiativ” –  “No ‘E’ because the giving never ends.” With Initiativ she has brought programs, local artist and business owners to Boys & Girls Clubs in Long Beach, Gardena and Carson, to help expose the students to more career opportunities than the classical education suggests.

Not only does she have a heart for the youth but she also is a huge supporter of those around her that are also cultivating their dreams. A common quote of hers “I can’t grow ‘Initiativ,’ without y’all growing your vision” and she makes it a point to provide platforms through her Initiativ events for anyone dedicated to making something positive happen.

In Conclusion,  along with her passion for servitude, Jasmine considers herself a Christian, Black Feminist who also advocates for Black Males and Children. With a deep passion to shift norms in the Black Community, she is the Queen of controversial topics, researching and finding solutions for our cultures generational issues.