50’s a Crowd

Written by: Darbrielle Thomas

Once actor, director, and family man Bill Cosby has had 3 more women come forward this week with accusations of being sexually molested by Cosby Show star. 3 women have added themselves to the already growing list bringing the grand total to be 50. Seeing this number and understanding it in the media is 2 very different things, however. There have been a lot of back and forth with opinions regarding this seemingly cut-and-dry situation, even when a disposition has been released from 10 years ago of Cosby admitting to procuring drugs and medication like Benadryl and Quaaludes to use on unsuspecting women.

The question that is stemming around this whole fiasco in social media and in some news outlets, it seems, is why did the women in question wait 20 plus years to voice this terrible assaulting that they all were subjugated to? The answer is this: When women come to authorities or even friends and loved ones with situations concerning molestation and rape, more often than not, they are immediately shunned- shamed into silence for fear of not being believed or worse, fear of having the blame placed on them. It is amazing how much of anti-feminist rhetoric is circulating this topic. There are celebrities such as Jill Scott and Raven Symone and many others that could not or would not believe that these allegations were true; even when there have been well over a dozen women to come forward. But since this 2005 disposition has leaked, everyone believes? It should not take 100 women professing that they have been raped for only a quarter of America to believe the accusations and believe that these women were not asking for it or not just after Cosby’s money. Society desperately needs to end this way of thinking that suggests that women need to be policed with their bodies, and that further more they cannot be trusted; as if women are some parasitic object whose only goal is to lie and destroy. And the most telling aspect to this whole situation is, Cosby has still yet to be charged with anything.

Justice will prevail for the women that have been accosted by Cosby and that have fallen victim to his horrid acts. And hopefully in the future, it will not take handfuls of women to inspire strength in one another to finally come forward and to only then be believed before society acts.