Andre Spicer was born and raised in Compton, CA and in 2009, Andre, also known as “Hub City Dre” launched The Hub Radio. The Hub Radio is an internet based radio station with a vision to “bring people together for the better”. As the owner of The Hub Radio, Mr. Spicer overall goal is to provide an opportunity for Compton natives to display their talents and bridge the gap between surrounding cities such as Long Beach, Inglewood, and Watts.

The concept for The Hub Radio was conceived after Mr. Spicer decided he wanted to take his love for being an entrepreneur in a new direction. Before launching The Hub Radio, Mr. Spicer made a name for himself as a Fashion Designer and the owner of Mocha Brown Coffee Shop. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Mr. Spicer also appeared on MTV “From G’z to Gent”, produced by Jamie Foxx, the show gave “Hub City Dre” the opportunity to introduce himself to rest of the world.

Since 2009, The Hub Radio has created a dialogue between the Streets, Cultures and the Working Community. Mr. Spicer desire to bring change to his city via The Hub Radio and its listeners (viewers) the freedom to give back to the community and provide support to other business owners. Every day viewers log onto to enjoy programs such as Project 14/48, Live from the Hub, Who is your candidate, Relationship, Love & Religion, and more. The Hub Radio has become more than just a radio station, it has become a place where people from all walks of life can relate through music, music videos, community events, and employment opportunities. The Hub Radio is an outlet that connects people despite their affiliation and opinions.

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