Album Review: Snoop Dogg’s ‘Bible of Love’

Hi Folks! It’s Miss Parker again with another album review. From notoriety as the realest thug in LBC to pimpin’ in the 213; Snoop Dogg has become the most legendary name in Hip Hop. As a Chinese Monk who Snoop Dogg is and I bet he will twist up his fingers. We all know Calvin Broadus as the crip that will leave the largest legacy in the music history. But he has done a new things.

Snoop is now leading people to salvation through his music. I mean we hope he’s leading folks to salvation. Yes, I said he’s promoting faith with his new gospel album, ‘Bibel of Love’.

Now here is what I think…..

At first I was so surprised and confused. He just put out ‘Make America Crip Again’. Honestly, even after my skepticism, this album definitely makes you want to get up and praise God rather you believe or not. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole concept but there is a good amount of nice songs on the album. First, the song, “Changed” has a dope beat. At first I thought I was listening to a song from Ery’kah Badu’s latest album. I had to double back on this song because it really has a great feel and still feels like hip hop or rap.

I can say that I think Snoop created this album to retire. But I doubt that’s the case. It definitely sounds like it could be a retirement album. Do you think he’s going to go back to rapping about cars and hoes after this? Seriously, this is a real question. No condemnation because I am not in the position to judge although I was surprised and skeptic at first. The album is actually good.

The album is composed of sounds from heaven apparently. I mean that in the most sincere way. There are a lot of good songs on here and of course we know Snoop has some of the best producers so he went in with the ideas of faith, power and love. There is no better thing than love and this album was produced at the right time. Someone told me that  this album makes them want to open their windows and clean the house! I can get with that. But for me, this album makes me want to STOMP like Kirk Franklin back in the day. Listen to the album, he did not rap on every track. He gave tracks to some heavy hitters and new artist in the game. I thought that was genius. I also know that this album is going to do well. So let’s keep an eye on the stats and how it does. I truly hope the Christian community accepts this good album for what it is. Again, NO CONDEMNATION.

This 2-sided album gets a 10 from me as it sits at the #1 spot as Billboard’s Top Gospel album. Give it a listen. You’ll have a few favorites, I guarantee it!

This is Miss Parker, signing out. Peace and Love!

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