Black August LA 2015: Event Recap of the Black Panther Breakfast

image1-smallBlack August LA 2015: Event Recap of the Black Panther Breakfast Honoring Fallen Comrades
By: C Nash 4 tha People

Former Members of the Black Panther Party for self-defense meet up for breakfast once a month in the city of Los Angeles. This month’s breakfast was apart of the calendar of events for “Black August Los Angeles 2015”. The breakfast began at 9am on Sunday August 9th at Simply Wholesome located at 4508 Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, 90043. This month’s breakfast was very well attended and several of the speakers in the morning had opportunities to directly address the supporters that attended the event. Remarks made by special invited guest Ramona Africa were received with lots of energy from everybody in attendance. Ramona Africa is a well-known activist that runs the organization MOVE and her work can be found on

image2-smallRoman Africa is a survivor of a neighborhood bombing that occurred in 1981 in Philadelphia. She passionately addressed the event attendees about the prison industrial complex, the strategic efforts of our judicial system to indict innocent black men for murder, and the system’s attempts hold them as political prisoners; such as the cases of Mumia Adul-Jamal and Geronimo Pratt. Other speakers of the morning gave updates about different initiatives, stories of recent activism, facts relevant to important issues facing the community, and updates about projects being executed throughout the Los Angeles area by different community groups and organizations. The BPP (Black Panther Party) is currently focusing their efforts to advocate at the city level for more resources for the homeless residents of Skid Row. For years now, members of the party have made efforts to regularly provide food and clothing donations for the people of skid row.  Black August still has several events remaining in this month that should be filled with relevant history facts that schools don’t teach.

For a full list of events going on during Black August Los Angeles 2015, you can log on Black August LA 2015 Events for a complete list of events going on throughout LA. Events will be taking place nearly everyday from August 1st to August 31st 2015. One of the more powerful events has taken place on Tuesday August 11th at 7pm at the LAPD Headquarters located at 100 W. 1st Street, LA, CA 90012. This particular event consisted of a 7pm Rally for Action regarding the Ezell Ford case followed by the showing of a powerful documentary: “41st & Central” BPP vs. LAPD 1969 being shown via projector on the side of the HQ building at 8:30pm. This documentary is very significant because it shares the story of the LA Chapter of the Black Panther Party defending their base of operations for 5 hours in a gun battle with the LAPD Swat team. No members of the Panther Party were killed during this 4am conflict.
Please feel free to get out and participate in a parade, self-defense class, or any of the other events going on this month. This is the 4rd annual Black August and we hope to see it back again next year.