Black History is history. It’s about Black Future now. By: C. Nash 4 the People

Black History is valuable knowledge. It informs descendants of former slaves about amazing stories of success to inspire ambition. It teaches us that we can do more than work for somebody else. Black History teaches us that by nature, we are innovators. Hip-Hop is musical innovation. Magic Johnson was NBA innovation. Barack Obama is presidential innovation. Black History will only get us so far. Focusing on the future will allow Black America to reverse this trend of having a shorter life span than our non-black American counterparts. In order to change the perceptions of ourselves as a community, the Black Future concept must be apart of our new lingo.
LA Based Photographer Leroy Hamilton (@photoham on Instagram) decided to promote the Black Future concept through his photojournalism efforts. The month of February was a time when Leroy gathered pictures from across the city of LA. Then on February 29th, with the help of Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas and the Community Coalition of Los Angeles, Leroy was able to execute a blacknificent art gallery. The Black Future event highlighted Black People from all walks of life in LA. Young professionals, children, mothers, and senior citizens were apart of the art display. Even celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar and Nipsey Hussle were featured in the exhibit. The two hour event also featured a video of Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performance. The event concluded with an open mic portion that allowed audience members to participate and share wise words that were inspired by the exhibit. You can check many of the pictures under the hashtag #BlackFuture.

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