Black Panther Soundtrack Review via Miss Parker

Allow me to probably introduce myself. My name is Brittney Parker but I naturally go by Miss Parker. I like Hip Hop. I like music and I love content. Between all the good songs in rotation on the airwaves to Apple Music suggesting new singles, I have a huge respect for artist and producers.

Speaking of creatively artistry, have you gotten into The Black Panther album by TDE? First of all, how do you get any more magical than that? I can’t even call this album a soundtrack because as we know, soundtracks don’t do as well as the movie but I believe that the whole TDE gang & their affiliates, made a shift in the music industry. They made a shift in the atmosphere.

If you’ve scanned through the album, you will notice that these songs are uncanny and creative. I want to start with the first two songs that have videos.

*All The Stars*

I think this song was released first because it brings a nice balance to the album. It’s poppy has Sza’s voice serenading the track ever so gracefully. The song depicts the thought of dreams coming true, discernment & freedom. For some reason I believe that Kendrick is successfully proving his position as King of LA. Disagree if you want, I really don’t care.

Moving On…

Here is the video to King’s Dead…

*King’s Dead*

One word: UNEXPECTED. First of all, Kung Fu Kenny gave me a heart attack as soon as those cars passed viciously through the intersection. I didn’t know if he was in the way or the vehicles. This song was simple as hell, creative and completely uncanny. Overall this joint was pretty lit!

I have another word: EXCEPTIONAL. Secondly, I want to shout out Teddy Walton who also produced ‘Love’ by Kdot. This dude is WILDIN’. Again, he impressed me with this piece.  *Shimmy’s* “This ain’t what you want, this ain’t what you want”

Now to the rest of the album, I’m completely satisfied. I’m not just stating facts because I’m a west coaster and I think we always win but because the entire TDE team and all of their affiliates really strategically moved throughout this entire masterpiece.

My favorite song on this album is definitely Paramedic, it gives a Compton inspired feel. I mean, it’s lowkey really Hood.. okay high key. There are so many hits on this album, I advise you to listen…

Now, can we meet back here next week to discuss the new Nipsey?! Actually, don’t answer that, I’ll see you back on Don’t forget to turn on your post notifications on IG and also follow me @TheBrittneyParker


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