BUSTED: Police Detective, Raymond Mott, fired for being photographed at a KKK Rally

Losing a job after accidentally sending your new HR dick pics is a no-brainer, right? But losing a job after being pictured at a KKK rally? (Wearing Klansman insignia and doing the Klan salute, by the way.) That just doesn’t make sense to Lake Arthur, Louisiana, Det. Raymond Mott who plans on suing the Lake Arthur Police Department for firing him, according to KATC.

The photo which surfaced this week and which was posted on Facebook, shows Mott at an anti-immigration rally in Troy, North Carolina during August of last year. Mott said of the picture:

“The picture speaks for itself. I’m standing at a rally against illegal immigration. There’s not much to be said about the picture. I’ve never DENIED it was me.”

Though he did deny why he was there. At first he claimed to be working undercover for the FBI before admitting that he’d lied.

In an interview with Louisiana paper the Jennings Daily News Mott said,

“I have never even had a negative write-up in my file since my start in law enforcement as a reserve in 2006. I am not going to quit my JOB because I made a decision to support a cause I thought was right at the time – illegal immigration not racism.”

After Mott refused to resign Lake Arthur PD Police Chief Ray Marcantel then called upon the town council who unanimously decided to terminate Mott on Wednesday.

Mott, who according to District Attorney Michael Cassidy often got complained about, as soon as 30 days after starting with Lake Arthur PD, went on to become the officer with the most arrests in the department. Those cases are now under investigation by Cassidy. It is believed charges will be dismissed in cases without evidence that rely on Mott’s account.



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