CAHSEE is now History… By: C. Nash for the People

California is known for having unique standards when it comes to our systems of formal education. Examples of difficult requirements in the Golden State can be seen in the University of California collegiate system. The requirements and competiveness for entrance into those schools is on average more intense than colleges from other states. Since 2003, California has implemented the High School Exit Exam and by 2006, every high school student in the country was required to pass a Math and English exam to receive a diploma.
As of January 1st 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed senate bill 172, which suspended the exit exam for three years because it did not meet the core requirements for the all high schools in California. As a result of this suspension, anybody that has failed the CASHEE since 2003 will be eligible to go contact the high school administration where they graduated and request his or her diploma.
There are at least 30,000 people that graduated high school over a decade ago that are now eligible to get the diploma that they’ve been denied because of an exam. Hopefully it can improve their quality of life as well. Contact the main office at your local high school if the CASHEE hurt you back in the day.

CAHSEE is History by C. Nash