Why was Compton-TGI Friday’s closed for 36hours? Read the report from the Health Department

On June 29, 2017 The California Health Department closed down TGI Fridays in Compton, Ca for “vermin infestation”. A picture was taken of the notice on the door and that picture went VIRAL. Although the notice on the door did not verify what “vermin” was found inside the facility, rumors circulated that it was a rat infestation. That rumor hurt the restaurants business tremendously, says our source from the restaurant.

The Mayor of Compton, Aja Brown went right to social media to clear up the rumors about the reasons the facility was closed down. She suggested that there was not a rat infestation at all, only that the health inspector actually found 2 water bugs in a maintenance room. However, due to a low approval rate of our current Mayor, she was ridiculed. Most of us were insulted that she would even assume that we would believe that Fridays was closed down because of only 2 water bugs. I even personally went to social media to show how insulted I was that the Mayor would think that we would believe that without proof.

Well at The Hub Radio, we did a little more digging. We spoke with 1 of our sources at Friday’s and they not only confirmed that they were shut down for 2 cock roaches but also provided us with the actual health report. Take a look.

So it was in fact 2 cock roaches in the maintenance room that caused the restaurant to be closed for a total of 36 hours. Seems a little petty to me. But that is not the worst part. The restaurant was mostly hurt by the rumor of rat infestation. According to our sources over at Friday’s they went from bringing in a revenue of $125k weekly to now only bringing in $32k weekly. At this rate, Friday’s will be forced to lay off a lot of employees who also happen to be residents of Compton. So this hurts the city on more than 1 level.

We are wondering, after reading the report and realizing Friday’s was not closed because a rat infestation but because of 2 cock roaches….will you go back to dine at TGI Friday’s? Why or Why not?

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