Fat Joe Shares Heartwarming Message About His Son With Special Needs

Rapper Fat Joe has shared a touching moment with his son who has special needs that’ll have you reaching for some tissues.

There are very few moments when we can recall male hip hop stars showing their vulnerable sides, but Fat Joe might change that. Earlier this week, the rapper aka Joseph Cartagena opened up on Facebook about his oldest son Joey, who has special needs, and he included an adorable photo.

In addition to the photo, he posted a tender-loving message that made our eyes go all misty. He said,

“I’m very private with my first born. Joey is special kid full of joy and Love. there’s no way you could understand unless you have a family member who has challenges in life. He’s my angel and the reason for all my blessings. I Love him to death ‪#‎godisgreat.”

We first learned about Fat Joe’s son (he has three children in total) in 2010 during an interview with UrbLife when Joe opened up about the challenges he faces and how Joey forced him to grow up quickly..

“My oldest son is Joey, he’s 18. When I had him I was very young. I love my son dearly, but I didn’t feel like I was ready to have kids at the time. From time to time I told my mom and dad they should have educated me on the responsibilities of having a kid. He was a special needs child, I raised him with my parents. His mom couldn’t handle him, and instead of him going to a center we raised him all of his life. I had to learn the responsibilities of being a parent the hard way.”


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