For the Children

Written by: Darbrielle Thomas

Despite how problematic Southern Californian police believe the Straight Outta Compton film to be, many positive happenings are being spotlighted in response to the biopic. Dr. Dre has great plans for the soundtrack to the film. The soundtrack is entitled Compton instantly reached No. 1 on United Kingdom Billboard charts and is growing increasingly popular. Working with the lovely mayor of Compton, Aja Brown, Dr. Dre has decided donate all the proceeds of the charity to his hometown in efforts to build a new performing arts and entertainment facility for kids.

“I’ve been really trying to do something special for Compton and just couldn’t quite figure out what it was. [Brown] actually had this idea, and she was already in the process of working on it. I said, ‘Boom, this is what we should do.’”

In an effort to give the song as much publicity, this past Thursday (August 13, 2015), Dre along with Apple Music played a live stream of the Compton album for a 3 hour loop in anticipation of the opening night of Straight Outta Compton. There is no doubt that the album will raise a substantial profit in efforts to fund the preforming arts facility. Good luck, Doctor!

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