How Will You Celebrate Your Black History this Month? By: C. Nash 4 the People

Since 1992, the Crenshaw district within the City of Los Angeles of has hosted the Pan-African Film Festival. Since it’s first successful run 24 years ago, the festival has grown significantly every year and for the past several years the festival has taken place at the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Mall. The RAVE Cinemas 15 BHC will be showcasing dozens of independent Black films from around the world. The actual shopping mall will showcase dozens more independent black merchants along the corridors and hallways of the mall. If you’ve never been to the PAFF and you have an interest in Black Culture, this would be an excellent event for you to visit.
The film and arts festival will take place February 4th -15th 2016. Movies will be showing as early as 11:30am and as late as 9:30pm. Throughout the day there will be lectures, seminars, and opportunities to gain knowledge on all things related to being an African in America. Black owned art, clothing, hygiene products, and of course food will be available for purchase throughout the festival. If you’re pro-black enough to be reading this, then you should definitely be paying a visit to the Crenshaw mall within the next few days to increase your network of like-minded individuals. If you feel disconnected from the black community in LA in any way, this event is for you as well. It’s refreshing to connect with people that have decided to overcome the stereotypes that have plagued our community for decades. It is unexplainably empowering to culturally connect with people similar to you. Black people in LA are redefining their culture at a high rate these days and festivals like this one are adding fuel to the fire.
Saturday February 13th at the RAVE Cinemas the PAFF will be presenting “A Conversation with Wesley Snipes” at 2pm. The price of admission is $20 for this particular event at the PAFF. Tom Bradley and Nate Parker are just a few other people that will be the center of group discussions. One very interesting group discussion that will take place during the week of the festival is a Memorial for Miles Davis. Friends and Family of Miles Davis will be available for a group discussion to celebrate and remember the legacy of the historic Jazz musician. Many aspects of Black culture will be on display for over a week. You owe it to yourself to have a culturally fulfilling experience. This is an excellent family event to commemorate black history as well.

If you would like more information on the Pan African Film and Arts Festival, you can check them out online at, Facebook/PAFF1992 and Twitter/@PAFFNow.

How WIll You Celebrate Black History This Month?