The Hub Radio wants to buy you some Friday’s!!

We are following up with you all… So as most of you in the community already know that Friday’s was shut down for a day and a half for vermin infestation. Well, we got down to the bottom of it and found out the health department was referencing to 2 cockroaches in the maintenance room. We reported this, wrote a article, provided the documentation from the health department, and polled the community after presenting the facts. Most of the community decided that they would go back and give it a go and some decided they would not be returning. But the one thing everyone seem to agree on is that the customer service could be much better.

We took our results back to the General Manager, Mrs. Smith. She assured us that they would address the customer service complaint, however some customers come in rude and others know if they complain about their food or service, 80% of the time we will comp that meal. Some customers take advantage of that. To us, that’s not hard to believe.

In my opinion (HubCityDre), its a combination of both, sub-par customer service and some of us just like to get over a bit. But ultimately, its a reflection of US. If its in Compton, serviced by residents in Compton, and frequented by residents of Compton…how could it not be a reflection of us. We have to treat each other with the same amount of respect we want for our own grandparents. We will act up and home and go somewhere else and respect everything over there. Lets all do better at home. With that said, The Hub Radio wants to buy you some Friday’s. We have coupons for free Appetizers and buy one entree and get one for free. Perfect for date night or taking out the family.

Come to the studio: (between 12noon – 6pm)

1133 1/2 E. Compton Blvd.

Compton 90221

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