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Just in case you didn’t know, there are some real authentic people on the rise in Black Hollywood. Maybe fake people will go out of style in LA? Maybe not. It does seem like the crossover into the regular Hollywood seems to be less popular these days because Black Hollywood is expanding, and I’m more than happy about that. A serious new wave of entertainment is coming through Los Angeles and helping to reshape the world we know as Black Hollywood. It seems like being a triple threat (music-model-act) is the minimum requirement to get some new work in the industry. And in case you didn’t know, Don Benjamin is next up to make waves in 2K16. He already has 1.2 million people anticipating his every move on Instagram.

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The Hub Radio was able to catch up with Don Benjamin Backstage at his photo shoot with NickiiJean Magazine and I was able to connect with Don Benjamin. Within 5 minutes of convo, I was impressed because I did not feel like I was talking to a model, from America’s Top Model at that. He just seemed like a person that works more behind the scenes in entertainment instead of the man in front of the camera. The model turned rapper and actor just hit the scene in 2013 after moving to Los Angeles from Minnesota. Don decided to move here after one visit to the city during Christmas time. Don Benjamin moved to the west coast off the strength of BBQ during Christmas and of course the eye candy of the LA nightlife offers. The grind that the man possesses is from another country. He might be mixed with Jamaican. His experiences growing as a high school basketball star helped prepare him for his current career. The late nights and early mornings of practice and working out are no different from his hours now. At this point, don seems to be really enjoying the work and the opportunity to make a career out of expressing himself honestly and artistically. He seems like the type of person to wake up everyday with the energy to get the job done, but yet he has a Zen like chill that tells you not much can bother him. Don Benajmin put in seven years of work before the industry opened up and gave him a real shot. It’s safe to say he’s patient.

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Since the exposure on America’s Next Top Model, Don Benjamin has released several successful singles and he’s even got a significant movie role in the upcoming basketball film, FIRST PICK. He’s consistently making appearances with the right people, like Karen Civil, doing photo shoots and maintaining good press. Don Benajmin is a person that truly understands the position that he’s been blessed with and he’s hungry for more success so that he can bless even more people. One thing he hinted at during his down time at the shoot was some of his vision for young men. Don has ideas about ways to rebuild the character of our young men and he aspires to use his position and network in entertainment to create substantial social change among the development of our youth in America and across the world. In case you didn’t know, Don Benjamin just appears to be a model, but he’s more like a Revolutionary Entertainer.

Enjoy some of the footage from the NickiiJean Magazine shoot and follow @ItsDonBenjamin on all things social media to keep up with his plays and moves through the Entertainment Industry.

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