Justin Blakely: Home grown or Carpetbagger

Written by: Karla Wilkes

Compton is in the midst of a long awaited paradigm shift brought about by the horrific state of our city. Compton’s 2019 Election has presented an opportunity for the residents to make a long anticipated change in District 1. A formidable candidate has entered the race and if the residents have their way the incumbent will be unseated leading to the end of many have considered an aristocracy in the city of Compton.

In the meantime over in District 4 Justin Blakely, with the financial backing of various members or potential members of the cannabis industry, have jumped in to endorse him. Even though he has no ties to the community.  He was disqualified from running by the city clerk. Paid $21,000 to have the ballots reprinted adding his name. He is endorsed by Compton’s own detrimental 3 member voting block: Zurita, Galvan, and McCoy, and Compton’s very own homegrown Isadore Hall. 

This is actually a phenomenon. Usually elected officials will support the incumbent, but in this instance the elected officials are backing the home grown carpetbagger.  Is their disdain for Incumbent Emma Sharif so great they would embrace the very thing they are railing against: a Carpetbagger.  Or is their personal greed greater than their concern for the city, and its residents.

This is mirroring the Bill Ivey Initiative I scenario. 

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