Kanye’s Kabinet

By: C. Nash 4 The People

The announcement made by Kanye West to run for president in 2020 sparked so many different reactions from people across the country. I have decided to elaborate on some thoughts that were provoked by his statement at the 2K15 VMA’s. My immediate reaction was a statement along the lines of: “If Donald Trump can run, so can Yeezy.” Then as I began to seek supportive opinions of other people, the mere mention of Kanye having a legit chance to become president was immediately followed by laughter and sarcasm across different demographics of age and race. However, there is a legion of devoted Yeezus followers that are quite possibly preparing a multitude of different campaign strategies for the Chicago bred artist as you read this. I am a believer in the outrageously fascinating mind of Kanye West. This editorial is meant to take the conversation of Kanye for President even further. If America did become a true Hip-Hop nation after letting Kanye West in the door for 2020, who would be privileged enough to enter Kanye’s Kabinet?

According to the website for the White House, the presidential cabinet has been around since the presidency was created. The role of these positions is to provide advisement to the president on the subjects related to each person’s respective office of affairs. The presidential cabinet is made up of the Vice President and 15 other executive departments. Immediately, I would nominate Common for the position of Vice President to balance out the power and shenanigans that can come from Kanye in charge.



Common is also Hip-Hop figure from Chicago as well that has a legit relationship wit Kanye already. I would assume that there is major trust and respect in their relationship, which would allow for good chemistry in their roles as President and VP.


The nomination for position of Department of State (Secretary of State), which has been formerly held by Hilary Clinton, would go to Sean Carter. Jay-Z is good for negotiations with all types of people and you can trust that he will get the upper hand in any deal. Jay-Z would also good for making the brand of USA look good whenever the public is concerned.

Sean "P Diddy" Combs arrives for a cocktail party kicking off AOL becoming an independent company after spinning off from time Warner at the New York Stock Exchange in New York, Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) Original Filename: AOL_NYSE_NYKW114.jpg

Who would Kanye trust with the country’s money? The person in charge of the US Treasury during the term of President West would be Sean Combs. Puffy would take the American economy to places that it has never been. The US Treasury would quite possibly become a brand of clubs only available on international territory.

TI salute

The man in charge of the Department of Defense would be King of the South, T.I.P. Strategies for war seem like they would come second nature to a person like T.I. I have faith that he would lead us to victory if any country ever decided to spark some type of conflict. I also have faith in TI’s judgment to be civil and fair in times of war.

David Banner

Attorney General David Banner would definitely be nominated to the Department of Justice. The way he would be able create arguments and reveal perspectives would be key for his role. David Banner is already a man that is active in his pursuit of Justice for his community; why not appoint him to the Department of Justice?

Lauryn Hill

I believe that the Hip-Hop nation should allow the Department of the Interior to be under the leadership of Secretary Lauryn Hill. Lauryn would be passionate about preserving natural resources and protecting the federal land. Secretary Hill would also be good for developing programs to help Native Americans and the Native residents of Hawaii and Alaska.


Erykah Badu would be the best candidate for the Department of Agriculture position. Her profound connection to the universe could help revolutionize the food industry in America.


The Department of Commerce would be under the direction of Nipsey Hussle. Kanye would appreciate the hustle that comes from Nipsey. Not to mention, there is a high likelihood that Nipsey already has Ethiopian relatives that work for the LAX Currency Exchange.

Rick Ross Mastermind Press photo 2014

The Department of Labor would be under the guidance of the biggest boss in the game: Rick Ross. Rick Ross is good for putting people to work at Wing Stop and for MMG. I wonder what type of job development in 2020 we would see with Rick Ross as the USA boss.


Talib Kweli would be the man in charge of educating the country. The Department of Education would be much more effective with Kweli guidance. The man seems like the Guru that we need to get our minds right in the public education sector.


The Department of Health and Human Services would be under the direction of Lupe Fiasco. I trust Lupe with developing social service programs that will help repair our communities and heal our people.


The Department of Transportation would be under the guidance of the rapper with the dope car collection: Curren$y. As a rapper that gets around town in style, I’m hopeful that he would be able to advise Kanye on how to improve urban transportation.

E-40 muggin

I would nominate the Yay Area’s own E-40 to be in control of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. E-40 has lots of urban experience that can be helpful for rebuilding our American Urban Environments.


The Department of Energy would be under the guidance of Kevin Gates because he does not get tired. It’s that simple.

Weezy F.

Kanye West as president would benefit from having advisement from Lil Wayne on matters involving Veteran’s Affairs. Why? Because Weezy has been around for a long time and he knows how to survive years of drug abuse.


The Department of Homeland Security would be under the leadership and direction of Marshall Mathers. Domestic terrorism would probably evaporate if they knew they had to deal with Eminem after they get caught.