“Kiddie City” The Perfect Leimert Park Community

Kiddie City, the indoor playground located in the Leimert Park community of Southwest Los Angeles is the vision of Kerri Harper-Howie, a former corporate attorney turned entrepreneur. “I have a 3 ½ year old son, named Caleb. And when he turned 1 and started walking, I wanted to have a place for him to go. We found places, but none were in our community. We live right here in Leimert Park.”


By the vibrant colors, games and designated play area, it’s clear, Kiddie City is the perfectly planned community for children. “Kiddie City allows our kids to have an opportunity to pretend, play, expand their minds and just have an all around good time in a safe space that’s beautiful and fun.”


Although designed with kids in mind, Kiddie City has not overlooked the importance of providing parents with a location that is comfortable and inviting. “We designed it so parents can have a place where they could come and watch their kids. We have free Wi-Fi. We have parents who are writers, they can come in and keep their eye out on their kids. We have reclining lounge chairs so our parents can be comfortable while their kids are in an enclosed space.”


In addition to the enclosed playground, Kiddie City offers activities that are beneficial to both parents and children. “We also have a new mommy support group for new moms. And we have music classes and art classes that give parents the opportunity to be present with their kids when they’re learning, enjoying, expanding their minds creating and playing.”


It’s not unusual to find father’s interacting with their children at Kiddie City. According Harper-Howie, father’s are definitely welcomed. “I am lucky enough to have a wonderful fantastic and supportive husband, so we really reach out to Dads. We have dads who bring their kids in all of the time. And we try to make sure when our dads come here, they feel supportive, they feel welcomed. We want dads to know this is a place where they can find community too.”

“I’m one of those dads who are always looking for something to do on saturdays when I’m not working. Kiddie City is another great chance to do that. Said, Geron Flynn, father of two.

“It’s actually our second time here. We’re happy to have it in the neighborhood. I have a 5 year old and a 2 two year old and we’ve gone to a million of these places. It’s good not having far to drive to get here.”

Flynn, an education professional recalled his parent taking him to local parks as a child.  “My mom would take to me to parks and places like that. Sometimes parks are not always the best location for kids. So something like Kiddie City is perfect for us, rain or shine.”

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