Lil Wayne Says He Will Never Work w/ Birdman Even After $51M Check is Cut

Lil Wayne recently sent out some tweets that suggested he was retiring. Many people were wondering what happened and if he was seriously leaving the rap game. Wayne appeared on “Undisputed” on FS1 with Skip Bayless and explained what’s going on.

According to Lil Wayne, he wrote the tweets after an argument over business issues with Cash Money Records, and he was at his tipping point. Birdman reportedly owes him $51 million. Weezy says even if he’s paid the money owed, he can never see himself working with Birdman again. He considers himself retired, at least until he gets paid.

“Gimme mine and I’ll walk free,” said Lil Wayne.

Wayne, however, hasn’t lost his passion for music. He says he hasn’t reached the height of his talent or career.

Source: VLADTV

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