Micah Land has begun…

The Committee introduces Micah Land! Micah Land is a Compton School Board political game board created by the Committee. Apparently, this is a detailed map as to what they (The Committee) will be discussing regarding the Compton Unified School Districts President and incumbent in upcoming election March 3rd. Interestingly enough, this game board has caught the attention of the community and they are wondering what will come from this game.

The Committee will be giving away prizes to whomever guesses what these icons represent and what story do they tell.

How do you play?

1st – you have to follow The Committee’s Facebook page .

2nd – Find the post with the hint and post your answers there.

The Committee will acknowledge a winner every Monday starting 1/6/20 until 3/2/20

Reference to this video for more details on how to play the game.

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