Register II Vote

The Hub Radio encourages everyone in every part of this country to take part in the voting process. However, we specifically concentrate on the city of Compton and the cities surrounding it that makes it “The Hub City”. The city of Compton has a population of roughly 100k people with 45k registered voters yet only roughly 4k are active voters and the average age being 25 years old. Statically speaking, Millennials do not vote and with that being a fact, only 4% of the population has a voice politically in a city filled with millennials. On April 16th there is an election in the city of Compton for District 1 (Janna Zurita is current council woman) and District 4 (Emma Sharif is current council woman). The Hub Radio will continue our #WhoIsYourCandidate campaign until Election Day by giving you all a chance to know who the candidates are and what they value and what the do not value. This is where we make a stand for who you want to represent you and your interests. This is phase one. Please be sure to register to vote using the link below.

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