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In today’s society if you’re not down with the norm you get looked down upon…they think you’re scum. We, the different, the unique, the talented, the gifted, the visionaries, we are what makes this world go around. We figured if that’s how they see us, then we’ll own it. Now it’s ours. We are the Scumbag Society we’re what your Mom didn’t exactly hope for but she couldn’t be prouder. We are the people who make ways when there isn’t one and we make it look sexy. Keeping it 100 and giving 0 fucks!

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D-Knice’s Bio
It was all a dream but now I’m out here living it. Raised in Compton and Bellflower living back in the CPT. Living my life like it’s Golden while on the pursuit of happiness. I do stand up Comedy and you can usually find me where the wild things are. Not here for acceptance but I will be heard. Just an Icon Livin! Always Strive and Prosper and don’t forget to keep it Scummy!
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Stevi’s bio
Born and raised in the South Bay, Harbor City to be exact. I’m the crazy half of the scumbag society. I speak honestly and I won’t shut up. I’m here just trying to live my best life. “Know your worth, then add tax!”