Shawty Snappin’

Written by: Darbrielle Thomas

Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. All of these social media outlets listed and there is one in the lead of them all. The media app in question is called Snapchat. Snapchat is a phone only (for now) mobile application that encourages the act of “storytelling” as the member is given 10 seconds to record a video or take pictures that are each visible for 10 seconds or less. “Stories” on Snap are posted and visible for 24 hours after the posting time and then lost forever into cosmic Snapchat space- or at least, that’s what the creators want you to believe!

Whether you can ever get your snaps back after 24 hours without saving them has not yet been revealed and doesn’t seem to matter to most users of the app- seeing as how, according to Huffington Post, there has been an increase of Snapchat users in 2015 alone by 50%.

The positive aspect of this app is most definitely the human connectivity that it promotes. Like Tumblr, a blog site that connects users globally, there are stories on Snapchat that are dedicated daily to a particular area in the world. From Singapore, Australia, Turks and Caicos, Brazil, the Holi fest in Barcelona, to the heart and soul of New York City, Snapchat updates weekly with a cumulative story from Snapchatters all over the world.

The negative aspects to the popular mobile app would most definitely be safety. While it can be very harmful if any user be caught in any compromising light as far as sending and posting inappropriate content, the popular past time can also be detrimental to your physical health. The most popular trend on Snapchat is to record videos or “stories” of oneself while driving and/or in traffic. In actuality, these snaps tend to be the most entertaining, but the hard truth is these snaps can be directly correlated and synonymous to the effects of texting while driving. While there have been no studies or reports on Accidents or fatalities that have been directly linked to Snapchat, it is always advised to be more safe than sorry. Furthermore, in the spirit of texting and driving, your snap can wait!

Overall, the app is a fantastic place to stay connected with friends near and far, and also gives users the ability to keep current on news with the most recent update, the “discover” section. It features news and entertainment outlets such as Daily Mail, CNN, ESPN, and Comedy Central. Download Snapchat from your mobile marketplace and remember to snap responsibly!