Top 10 Music Video Countdown – Episode 1 review


Review of the Hub Radio Top Ten

For our Top Ten Music Videos countdown, we chose to highlight music by artists that are connected with the Hub of Southern California. This means music coming from the Los Angles, Compton, Watts, Long Beach, Lynwood, Carson, Inglewood, Gardena area and all the other cities in between, are eligible to make the countdown. Each of these songs were placed in order of dopeness based on nomination and debate by our entire Hub Radio Staff. We shall start from the bottom with number ten.

post to be10. Omarion ft. Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko x Post to Be
This song makes the top ten because it saved Omarion’s career. It was the hit we had been waiting for from the young man that gave us so many classics with B2K. The song and video are simple, yet the accurately represent the culture in LA these days. Great summer time music and Omarion shines along two of the best co-stars you could find on the West Coast right now.

9. G Mac x Started with a Ounce
G Mac is making waves in the Hub City. You see his Mac Squad beanies everywhere. SNN (Side N*gga Nation) has all over the twitter feeds and probably spotted at a party you’ve been to. Now that G Mac has reloaded with his latest project x Trap History Month, it is only fitting that he brings you into his trap with some impressive visuals. Within this video, the young independent rapper walks you through the life of a young trap star that started with an ounce.

vince staples8. Vince Staples x Norf Norf
Vince Staples is a certified star that may or may not be considered underground, just depending on how you look at it. Either way, he makes the top ten at number 8 with Norf Norf, a track the represents a lot of emotions shared in plenty communities around the country right now. The song is a banger and the video looks timeless and the creativity is on point. The track represents the city of Long Beach well and I’m sure that Vince Staples fans all across the world will be happy with the vibes a play by the rapper.

7. Jay Rock x Money Trees Deuce
Jay Rock represents Watts to the fullest. The track Money Trees Deuce is a sequel to the epic verse he gave on Kendrick Lamar’s song Money Trees from his album “Good Kid M.A.A.D. City”. The song is nice enough to get a fan excited for the album. TDE consistently brings the people quality music and this track from Jay Rock is no exception. The video illustrates the messages of the song and Rock walks us through Watts in style. The video lands at our seven spot in order to shed some light on the vibes coming from Watts.

6. Tony Toni Tone’ and DJ Quik x Let’s Get Down
The 6th slot was reserved for a throwback track that represents the Hub well. The underground legend DJ Quik and the R&B legends Tony Toni Tone’ created a feel good, classic party joint that will always make you feel smooth like Hennessey Black on the rocks, Let’s Get Down. The video is not only hilarious, but you can tell that everybody involved had a good time during the shoot. The musicianship of the song is impressive as well. The video was originally released in 1996, is it possible to get some more music like this? Our culture has got to shift from the “turn up” scene to “wanting to have a good time” in order for music to get created that will support that vibe.

5. Problem x 50 Shades of Grey
Problem earned the vote for the 5th spot because he gave us bars and he addressed some conversation worthy elements in the song. The Compton rapper is known for turning up the functions and promoting substance use, but this song gave us another side of the rapper that the casual fan is unaware of when it comes to Problem’s music. 50 shades of grey was a simple video that forces the listener to acknowledge the lyrics. The rapper’s career is solid and he’s definitely assisted Kendrick and YG with bringing the city back to the forefront of Hip-Hop music.

king kunta4. Kendrick Lamar x King Kunta
The King Kunta video by Kendrick Lamar created such a positive energy in the city while it was being shot. The Compton Swapmeet made one final appearance in this and just about everyone in the city showed up to support K. Dot’s vision. The video itself is classic for the West Coast and the underlying Afrikan elements in the video made the song even more important for our culture. This video gives you entertainment and enlightenment all at the same time, which pretty much sums up everything Kendrick does. Much respect for the LA representation with the Washington High School jacket and the Dodgers fitted that Kendrick decided to wear in the video.

3. Snoop Dogg feat Stevie Wonder and Pharell Williams x California Roll
The OG Snoop lands at our number 3 spot with his video from the album “Bush”. The track is called California Roll, which can be mistaken for a sushi item, but in this video Snoop let’s you roll with him through California in the future. The video takes places in 1946 and it features actress Nia Long. The Afrikan elements featured in this video are thought provoking as well. Snoop did an excellent job promoting positive vibes in this song, representing LA, and contributing to our culture without making us look anything short of excellent.

2. Game feat. Drake x 100
The number two spot belongs to The Game and Drizzy. This song is one of the hottest songs of the summer, Game shut down Wilmington when he brought Drake through the city of Compton. The video highlights classic elements of the city, from low riders to Big Fa$e 100 to Compton landmarks like Centennial High School. Game has been representing for Compton on a large scale for over a decade, the Documentary 2 should be on the way. Drake delivers a hot verse as usual on this one. The video demonstrates that Hub City residents can come out and have lots of fun in public.
1. Kendrick Lamar x Alright
Kendrick Lamar made our top ten list two times because his videos have been that good lately. Alright from his latest album, “To Pimp a Butterfly”, is song created to uplift and empower the listener through the struggle. The visuals are stimulating and creative in an original way. It almost looks like a short film with the way it was shot. So much content and numerous messages are being communicated in this video. The special effects in this video help propel King Kendrick in to another level of greatness. The art form of Hip-Hop is well represented by this music video. The director Colin Tilley did an excellent job bringing this song to life with visuals.