USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region

Timber Contracting Officer

GS 462-11/12


The Klamath National Forest is currently seeking a candidate for a permanent full-time Timber Contracting Officer, GS 462-11/12 position located at the Supervisor’s Office in Yreka, California.  The purpose of this Outreach Notice is to inform prospective applicants of this upcoming opportunity.  To express interest in this position, please complete the attached voluntary Outreach Interest Form and return to Dan Blessing at by close of business on 9/4/2015


Provides advice, assistance and counsel, as the Forest authority on timber sale / integrated resource timber contract preparation, appraisal, contract practices and techniques, to Forest Supervisors, District Rangers, timber purchasers and their representatives, attorneys (USDA, Department of Justice and private), Federal and State agency representatives, representatives of banks and insurance companies, and the general public. Reviews information on disputes, appeals, and litigation involving timber sale / integrated resource timber contracts to maintain a current knowledge of trends, precedent decisions and resolution. Uses this knowledge, as appropriate, in identifying potential Forest problems and recommending or implementing modifications and/or changes to avoid or mitigate future disputes, appeals and claims. Prepares litigation reports and recommends courses of action and possible settlement to attorneys. As the Contracting Officer and the Forest expert on timber sale / integrated resource timber contracts and related contract matters: develops contract provisions to meet unique Forest needs and management direction; trains and participates in evaluation and certification of sale administrators; provides guidance and direction on the interpretation of contract provisions and conditions. Will work as a zoned resource out of the Yreka office for the Klamath National Forest, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Six Rivers National Forest, and the Mendocino National Forest.

For additional information, please contact: Dan Blessing at 530-841-4521 and




The Klamath National Forest covers an area of 1,700,000 acres located in Siskiyou County in northern California and Jackson County in southern Oregon.  The Forest is divided into two sections separated by the Shasta Valley and the Interstate 5 highway corridor.  In the mountains to the west, the terrain is steep and rugged while the east side has the relatively gentler, rolling terrain of volcanic origin.  With elevations ranging from 450 to 8,900 feet above sea level, the Forest is one of America’s most biologically diverse regions, situated in a transition region between the hotter and drier areas of the south and the colder and wetter locale of the north.

This central position of the Klamath in relation to the Cascades, Sierra Nevada, Coast Range and the Great Basin has fostered complex climatic patterns and led to an unparalleled diversity of plant life found nowhere else in California.  More species of conifers live near or in the Klamath’s Marble Mountain and Russian Wilderness Areas than anywhere else on earth.  An astounding 17 conifer species co-exist within one square mile!  The Forest is also home to one plant that lives nowhere else on earth, the Siskiyou Mariposa Lily.

The program of work for the Forest is centered on the restoration of fire adapted ecosystems.  We have an active and strongly integrated vegetation management and fuels program that works to protect communities, infrastructure and critical wildlife and fisheries habitat.  We work with local communities, Fire Safe Councils, and interested groups and individuals in developing projects using Healthy Forest Restoration Act authorities.  In 2010, the Forest was honored to be recognized as having treated the greatest amount of hazardous fuels reduction acres in the Pacific Southwest Region.

The appropriate management of naturally occurring wildfire across the Forest is also an important program component.  The Klamath is known as a leader in using wildfire to benefit landscape conditions as well as having a highly skilled and experienced fire suppression workforce.

The Forest includes all or part of five wilderness areas: Marble Mountain, Russian, Trinity Alps, Red Buttes and Siskiyou. Trailheads are numerous and hikes range from easy to arduous. There are 200 miles of river system for rafting and 152 miles of wild and scenic rivers in the Forest. The Forest has 28 campgrounds, and world-class hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing.  With the Klamath, Salmon, and Scott Rivers meandering from one end of the Forest to the other, recreationists have found a playground that offers virtually everything (except crowds) to the outdoor enthusiast.

The management of area streams and rivers, and range, botanical, heritage, cultural and mineral resources rounds out the active and interesting programs included on the Klamath.

More information on the Klamath National Forest is on our website: