Victory Lap Album Review

“Loaded bases, that’s my motivation…” What lyrics from the new Victory Lap album? It’s funny because that’s not even my favorite song but the fact that he laid down some insane lyrics on this album, certain lyrics are stuff in my head.


If you didn’t know, LA artist, Nipsey Hussle, released his album, February 16th, 2018. This album has been long anticipated by many across the globe. Nipsey sold 53K units landing at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 this past week. It has been 12 days since his album dropped.


Listening to the album, I immediately wanted to understand the story. That’s a key to album reviewings and listening; try to understand the story they are inspired to tell. Afterall, artist (of all sorts) are storytellers.  


The crazy thing is, Nipsey has been telling his story, giving out the blueprint and showing up all at once.


Nipsey illustrates his individuality in “Rap Niggas”. Providing game on what makes these other rappers the same and why he stands out. This debuted as his first single on the album.



I love the fact that Nipsey is setting the foundation in his neighborhood AND he’s helping natives in his backyard. Creating stores, movements, and building brands that are timeless and inspired by the newest technology.


To be quite honest, I thought he was going to release a video to Dedication before Hussle & Motivate. Dedication is probably one of my favorite next to Last Time That I Checc’d which he features YG (a blood) from Los Angeles. Why did I mention that? Nipsey is a crip… that’s all. #Respect.  



This song continues the unity in the gang community which speaks volumes! This is when I was certain that Dedication was coming to World Star or YouTube following Last Time That I Checc’d. I was wrong. But what he did do was bring some heat with extra sauce on the Grinding All My Life Mini Movie.  Where Nip shares his life and how he has been grinding while displaying the loads of cash he makes from his music and businesses.  


All my life, been grindin’ all my life

Sacrifice, Hussle paid the price

Want a slice, gotta roll the dice…


Dawg, Nipsey is on a roll.

FInally, he premiered the visuals for Hussle & Motivate. It was lit. Dope storyline and the way he’s putting on for his city is undeniable.



The entire album sets the tone for the rest of these rappers especially on the west coast. It’s structured perfectly. Gives the vision, and motivates the hell out of you all in one setting. I believe he did his job. Now, I don’t know when the tour is happening but I do know that, I gotta  experience it. I hope you get come with me. Let’s make that happen!


Check out the album here and tell us what you think!


Until next time, it’s Miss Parker!



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