What makes Dej Loaf so dope?

dej-loaf-me-u-hennessy-videoWhat makes Dej Loaf so dope?
By C. Nash 4 tha People

For those that don’t know, Dej Loaf dropped a song called “Try Me” and the whole industry of Hip-Hop took notice by posting their renditions on Instagram. Shortly after you saw Problem, Fabolous and other rappers lip syncing along on IG, several artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, T.I., Ty$ and others lent verses for a remix. This was two years after she released a mixtape called “Just Do It”. Her first tape gave her a voice in Hip-Hop and she got the ball rolling that propelled her into the in the XXL Freshman Class of 2014. The tape is rarely mentioned and everybody seems to think Dej Loaf came out of nowhere, but the support from fellow Detroit Native Big Sean was inevitable. Anybody that goes back and listens to “Just Do It” can get a better understanding of what makes Dej so dope, as well as her most recent music still adding to her potential for great things in Hip-Hop.
The earlier music of Dej Loaf established her approach towards the game: smooth music that speaks to your soul and can change your mood because it’s so real. Even the into of her last tape is motivational. As she matured in her musical content, her grasp on the listener became stronger as well. Witnessing the Soundcloud numbers go up every day for weeks after Try Me caught fire was a very strong indicator that her fan base would be loyal and they were being converted at an impressive rate. Very few new artists get recognized and then blow up as fast as Dej Loaf. Kevin Gates became popular quickly, but he has also three quality mixtapes in about 18 months that helped his circulation. That’s not even including his prison popularity that helped him become more established as a recognized artist. Dej dropped one song and during a time when she had a few tracks already on her Soundcloud with less than 5,000 listens. Now she has over 100,000 followers on Soundcloud and more than a few songs with over 1 million plays. Not to mention she has over two million followers on Instagram. The best part of all this star power being generated is that she didn’t have to use her body parts to get your attention. She used her art.
dej-loaf-jerry-productionsDej makes the music that pushes you to grind hard at whatever your hustle may be. The earlier music is delivered from the perspective of a college kid sharing her story to motivate those that understand the struggle of taking the academic route towards a more secure future. The street talk and highlights from her hood are on the project as well. The Detroit rapper has taken a role similar to Eve in the Hip-Hop game these days. At 24 years old, she’s still enjoying the tail end of her rookie season and her most recent EP #AndSeeThatsTheThing is a hot 6 piece. Her two features on this project come from Big Sean and Future. The diversity of the project is a good indicator that her album will be a full-length film. Her features to date include artists like E-40, Game, Kid Ink, Big Sean and more. These features prove that she can hold her own with any rapper in the game.
The girl is the dopest female rapper not named Nicki Minaj to come out in the last decade. The sound of Dej’s voice is original to me and her style appears to be the offspring of Eve, Da Brat, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, and she goes hard for her community like 2Pac. My favorite thing about the female MC is that she rarely sells you sex in her lyrical package. She doesn’t even use curse words too much. Her style is butter on warm croissants. One thing she will do is impact you the way Nipsey does in his music, she makes you wanna be an independent hustler that is determined to succeed. Dej frequently shows love to her team and she is relentless in her delivery of the truth. Her ability to be aggressive and disrespectful but still have class and intelligence in her delivery makes Dej Loaf a dope person. Her ability to create powerful music gives her a strong chance at lasting for a long time in the game. Her acknowledgment of God and in her music is also an indicator of the person she is off the microphone.
Dej Loaf represents Detroit well. Her stage name is a blend of her real name and her favorite shoes, loafers. How real is that? She gets my respect because her music and her appearance are equally raw. The additives, gimmicks, and marketing schemes are unnecessary when the product is pure. Deja Trimble is living proof that the real can still win big in the Hip-Hop game. She joined the independent label IBGM (I Been Getting Money) in 2012 and signed a deal with Columbia records in October 2014. The grind is just heating up and you’ll see much more of Dej as she gears up for her album push. If you aren’t a Dej Loaf fan, that’s fine too. Everything is not for everybody. Try to keep the hating to a minimal though because she seems like the type that will shine regardless of what the haters say.