Young Black musicians you should know about

Written by: Cailin Wimberly

Here are some young black entrepreneurs grinding their way through the streets. Underrated rappers who are killing the rap scene. These underground rappers come from Los Angeles and will be soon be taking over.

G.Cinco aka The Bag chaser is an artist with a purpose, repping Compton and he is making big moves this year. Owner of an entertainment company known as Primacy Enterprises. Cinco has big plans for 2018. His mixtape G.P.S Ganstas Project & Serve, dropped January 26th, 2018 and can be streamed on all music platforms including iTunes. Aside from the music G.Cinco is developing a cartoon “Concrete Jungle”, and it doesn’t stop there for Cinco. He’s also releasing merchandise and launching the Primacy Interactive Reader App where you’ll be able to read stories, use VR (Virtual Reality) activities and unlock exclusive content, creating an innovation reader experience that’ll connect the virtual reality of concrete jungle with the users reality and social media.

You can find/follow G.Cinco @gcinco_ (Instagram and Twitter)


Cameron Denzel a west coast native rapper and producer. Who put together a brand named Fear No Evil, which is a Bible verse reference from the book of Psalms 23:4. Cameron’s brand incorporates music, entertainment and apparel. Cameron mentioned his goal for this year is to drop his album and launch his Fear No Evil clothing merchandise. He just dropped his second single of the year “Envy” February 3rd, 2018, which can be found His music hits home. He expressed that his music is to inspire others to follow their dreams and to over come obstacles. Listen to Grind’N and you’ll understand what he means.

You can find/follow Cameron Denzel @fearnoevilcam_ (instagram)

@killaaah_cam (Twitter)

@fearnoevil234 blog (twitter )

CameronDenzel (SoundCloud)


Jayo Cortez the streets favorite, and a cut throat lyricist. Jayo just dropped the album “Nothing to Lose” which he composed all by himself. It can be found now on, and on all steaming platforms including iTunes. Jayo also produces for other artists. Jayo had a very successful show this February 19th at The Union in Los Angeles. For the album and show he dropped some exclusive T- shirts which can still be purchased. He is also putting together a clothing line this year, So be on the look out for this entrepreneurs clothing line moves. It doesn’t stop there for Jayo Cortez. He’s been in the lab and it has been confirmed that there will be two more projects to look forward too this year.

He can be found and followed @Jayocortez on twitter & instagram and

Jayodagreat on SoundCloud


Darieon Hodoh a extremely talented and creative individual. Darieon can freestyle like no other. Most of his music can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube, search Darieon Hodoh. He can offer a wide range of sound, if you give him a beat he could make anyone nod their head. His Ep which can be found He’s not only a musician but also a producer and photographer. 2018 Darieon will provide us with new material, Stay tuned.

He can be found and followed @Darieonhodoh on twitter and @Darieon_hodoh on Instagram. Darieon Hodoh (SoundCloud)


B.Davi$ a rapper with style. His music has a modern west coast feel something you can party to. Rapping isn’t new to B.Davi$, he started rapper when he was a kid, he recently decided to take it seriously and make it a career. You can find his music B.Davi$ is ready for all opportunities in 2018. Follow his wave

B.Davi$ (SoundCloud)

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